Our Causes

As a parent of a child attending Sandy Hook Elementary during the tragic shooting on December 14, 2012, we continue to mourn and remember our community’s children, administrators and educators whom we lost and will forever keep in our hearts.

All of our companies, under the DBP & Associates, Inc. umbrella donate a percentage of our overall profits to causes helping and aiding children in our community as well as causes we feel passionately about in helping children here and abroad.

This year, we were able to donate to a number of the organizations listed below. Some we were happy to donate in the name of our Sandy Hook Elementary Community.

Like many older newlyweds, our dreams of becoming parents took my husband and I down a fascinating road in order to build our family. Our children, Ethan and Isabella, joined our family at 6 months and 10 months from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our daughter Aeryn, adopted as a special needs child, arrived at the age of 2 1/2 years old from Fuling, China. We are thankful everyday for the blessings our children give us on a daily basis. We are also very aware of the children left behind to languish in orphanages around the world. It is for this reason we donate a percentage of our profits annually to the below worthy children's charities.

Know that by purchasing through The Persnickety Bride, you are helping us give children around the globe and in the US the availability of a nurturing and therapeutic environment, proper nutrition, and warm clothing, while at the same time assisting US families with children emotionally traumatized by neglect or institutionalization. 

We thank you in advance for your support of us and of these programs:

1214 Foundation (Newtown, CT non-profit) The mission is to build a landmark Performing Arts Centre in Newtown, Connecticut, in memory of those lost on December 14, 2012. The aim is to develop a premier Academy of the Arts with help from local, national, and international collaborations.

Fuling Kids International Supporting nurturing programs for special needs orphans in Fuling Provence, China.

Motherless Child Foundation Warm clothing program for children in and leaving orphanages as they age out of the system.

Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation (Newtown, CT) The mission is to create awareness in children and our communities that choosing love over anger, gratitude over entitlement, and forgiveness and compassion over bitterness is the better choice over violence.

The Ana Grace Project (non-profit) The mission of the The Ana Grace Project is to promote love, community and connection for every family and identify the most effective ways to build community and interpersonal connection to prevent violence and promote recovery.

Smart Kids with LD (Wesport, CT non-profit) Provides parents and children with information on how to help their child succeed in school and life while dealing with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities.

Spoon Foundation Orphanage Nutrition program around the globe.

Attachment and Trauma Network Helping parents with children adopted from US foster and overseas orphanages suffering from trauma and attachment disorder issues.

Kids in the Game (Bend, OR non-profit) We are focused on inspiring kids to thrive in life through sports. We provide financial assistance to help youth from low-income families of all abilities gain access to after school sports programs and physical education programs in schools.

Family Reach (non-profit) A terrific organization helping families financially when family members are dealing with cancer treatment.