Life is Luxurious with some of our top Spa Items!

  • Jan 29, 2018

Just because the snow sets in doesn't mean you can't relax and enjoy a good snow day!

 When the snow sets in, sometimes it’s hard to sit back and relax from driving through the slush to dodging hail in the parking lot. Persnickety Promotions offers some fun ideas to give your employees, clients, and colleagues a chance to relax and have a spa day instead!



What better way than to start your day of relaxation than with a beautiful smelling candle. Our 3 Piece Candle Kit is available in a variety of scents, great to make your whole house smell delicious. And our Screw-Top Essential Oil Infused Candles are great to carry with you anywhere to let you take a deep breath in during those business work months. We have a multitude of options when it comes to scents and candles, our favorite being our soy-candles, also available in different scents and shaped tins.

Give your employees or students a chance to breath with our 10ml Pure Essential Oils, a wonderful addition for boutiques, salons, and spas. Also our Comfort Sets are great to give out to anyone going away for a business trip, or traveling overnight for a sports team. It comes with soap, a Tazo tea bag, and a pumice stone to get rid of all your worries from the day. Or, if you want to add a little fun or creativity to the day, check out our DIY Body Butter Sets. Perfect activity for mother-daughter days to enjoy with ease.



A snow day is a day to delight in and take a little extra care of yourself. Give your employees a chance to take care of themselves during the winter months with some of our grooming items. For those ladies or gentlemen that love a good nail day, our 4 Way Shiny Nail Buffer Block is perfect for the task. Leave it at home in the cosmetics drawer or carry it with you for those quick touchups. Another good product to carry with you is our Temple Spa Amenity Group. This items comes with everything you may need during your travels. Ideal for the traveling business person or for clients traveling from far away, you won’t have to worry about missing anything in your travel bag. Then we have our 7 Piece Spa Set in a Carry Bag. It comes with a sponge scrubber, padded sponge with elastic strap, loofah on rope, pumice stone, wood-handled callous smoother, small handled brush, foot brush all in a clear zippered bag. This set really helps you take spa day to the next level. Leave it at home or take it traveling, you can help you and your clients relax no matter what the season.



When winter comes, the cold travels to all of your bones making it difficult to warm up. Give your clients who aren’t adjusted to the cold some of our Bath Tea Blends. Available in Luxurious Bath Tea Blend and Stress Free Bath Tea Blend, just sprinkle a few drops into a nice warm bath tub and prepare to liven up and relax.





To make bath time even more fun we also have available a variety of bath bombs, great to give out during appreciation days, bridal parties, and Sweet 16’s. Our Natural Bath Bomb Set comes with 6 bath bombs, to use any day you feel like relaxing, and a reusable tin for your next bath bombs or any luxury items you may have. Our next bath bomb is a single bath bomb, but don’t let that fool you, You Are The Bomb are USA made and free of artificial colors and dyes. It also has natural sunflower oil, organic shea butter, and cocoa butter to make your skin feel extra soft. It comes in a variety of scents to pick the perfect one for the perfect occasion. Lastly, our Bath Bomb Kit comes with two bath bombs with your choice of smell, and a hard clear plastic bottle to keep those bath bombs safe until you are ready to use them.



If you still can’t find yourself relaxing with the bath bombs and tea blends, try out some of our bath salts. These are great to give away for parties and events. They are colorful and packaged cutely. These are great to give away for quinceaneras, bat mitzvahs, and sweet 16’s. Our Spa Bath Salts in Organza Bag is a colorful and fun favor to give to anyone. Personalize your bags with your choice of five scents.  And our Bath Salt Cocktail is a creative way to show off and have fun. Comes in a plastic cup with lid and a biodegradable paper straw.

When you day has finally come to an end, let yourself fall into a easy sleep with some of our kits. Our Total Comfort Spa Kit comes with an arched roller face massager, a cool gel eye mask, and a foot massage ball to help every part of your body destress. Our Sleep Mask Kit with Lavender Spray in Organza Bag is ideal for those trying to fall asleep on a plane ride, or anyone who has to travel often. Give to your traveling employees or visiting clients as an appreciation gift for their travels. Next, our Cosmetic Bag Spa Kit is great for anyone going away. Fun for destination themed parties or bridal parties, give these to your guests so they know you wish them a safe and relaxing trip.



And for those big clients and very extra special occasions what better way to say thank you than with our Pink Rose Bath and Spa Gift Tote. This  bag is filled with a variety of spa items which include Moisturizing Bath Bar, Body Mist, Moisturizing Body Lotion and Bath Sponge ideal for those holiday parties as gifts. And if that’s not good enough for you, take a look at our Spa & Champagne Passion Basket. Ideal for those VIPs, everything is vanilla scented. It comes with bath salts, lotion, hand soap, body spray, a candle and bottle of Korbel. Let every day feel like a holiday with these relaxation products. 



Winter is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the snow days. Let yourself have fun on your free day and your clients or employees. Take a look at the variety of items we have, perfect as party favors, client gifts, and appreciation tokens. Don’t forget, we now have in house graphic design assistance, sublimation, embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving, fabrication, and rhinestones. For more ideas and items, check out our Pinterest and Instagram, or take a look at our website.