Let Us help You Write a Business Plan with some of our Amazing Items!

  • Dec 26, 2017

Make sure your business has these products to start the New Year!!!

December is National Write a Business Plan Month. It’s the best time to get a head start before next year comes. It gives you a chance to throw away things that didn’t work and try new approaches with the up coming year. Persnickety Promotions wants to help you with your new business plan this new year with some of our stylish and practical products.

No business can function without writing utensils. Sure, everything is digital now a days, but there are still many people that need to write things down, like when you get a sudden phone call and need to jot down a quick phone number. Persnickety Promotions has a large variety of pens perfect for just those kinds of situations. Our Stratus Solids Pen is great to leave around the office or to give out to customers so they never forget your business. It comes with a clip and black ink. Simple and classic, this pen gets any job you need done. Our second pen is the Eclaire Stylus Pen, which has  a very comfortable grip, writes with black ink, and has a stylus on the tip for touch screen electronics, ideal to have in a modern office.

Ideal for taking notes on the go or the unexpectedly inspired, our Hard Cover Note Pad with Pen is a great way to get your company name out. Great to give out to schools, office meetings, or trade shows, these note pads are perfect to carry around for those little notes you suddenly remember and don’t want to forget. We also have our Note Code 350 Sheets and our Econo Sticky Note Pad 25 Sheets, which are best to leave at the desk or by the phone for any notes you or your staff members will need to scribble down.


Another wonderful item to have around the office is paper to write on. Our Ultra Suede Journal is a classy way to take notes, book appointments, journal entries, or any daily planning you may need. It comes with a bookmark so you can never forget were you left off. Need something with a little more pockets for the businessperson always rushing to meetings across town? Try our Black Atlantis Leather Padfolio, ideal for meetings, conferences and presentations. This Padfolio has room for all your needs with a pen lope, an ID window pocket, flap pocket organizers, and a ruled note pad. Or to keep things a bit more simple, we have our Letter Clipboard with Jumbo Clip, works wonders during meetings for notes and is really great for customers to fill out information on.


Planners are always important for any business. Without specifically schedule appointments, no one will know what needs to be done by what time, where to be, or what to do. Here are some of our planner options that would work wonders in and out of the workplace. Our Full Size Desk Planner with Black Vinyl Trim is the easiest way to remind yourself and your employees what needs to get done. Simple enough to have on every desk, each person can update their calendar as they see fit. Visible and big, it’ll be impossible to miss a meeting with this planner on the desk. We also have our TimePlannerValue brand- Analyst Monthly Planner, ideal for the person always running around the office. Your employees won’t miss a beat with this planner. Chic and simplistic, its easy to read and use, and has 14 months of optimal planning. Then we have our Monthly Pocket Planner, perfect for the businessperson always on the go. This planner fits into glove compartments, briefcases, or desks with ease. It’s small enough to take with you, so you never miss an important presentation.


Another great item to increase productivity is our Boike Wireless Travel Mouse. It’s a wonderful item to leave in the office or take on a business trip. This mouse connects with Bluetooth wireless technology and it is design with comfort for either hand. Make work easier on the go with this mouse instead of fidgeting with a touchpad.


Some other great items to make sure your company has before the new year starts are our Business Card Magnet, Our Marin Business Card Wallet, and our Polyester Dye Sublimated Lanyard with Metal Crimp and Split Ring. Our magnets are a great way to get your name out to the public. Give these magnets to your clients and customers as the visit your workplace or give them out during trade shows. Our business card wallets are also an amazing way to get your name out as well as keeping all your business card neatly tucked away. It’s easy to find when someone suddenly asks for your business card, so you won’t have to fumble around your purse or briefcase. And finally, our lanyard is great for your employees and special guests. It’s also ideal to give away during trade shows or conventions.


Persnickety Promotions wants to help your business flourish with the new year. Take a chance and order some of our amazing items that are perfect for the workplace, or if you need something a little different, we have an abundance of different products, ideal for trade shows, conventions, and school events. For more ideas and items, check out our Pinterest and Instagram, or take a look at our website.