Holiday Season Gift Ideas for Your Staff!

  • Dec 5, 2017

The Best Way to say Thank You is with a Gift!!!

By: Admin

very employee loves a cash bonus, but they’ll also love these added gifts as your holiday party favors. Customize these items with your company logo and brand so your employees and their families can always appreciate the thought you put into their holiday season gift.

Let your employees know how thankful you are for their hard work with this beautiful Fleece and Nylon Picnic Blanket. It’s perfect to leave in the car and take out during those cold high school football games or great for a picnic.

Other items that are great to leave in the car are the Lux Wood Umbrella, perfect for any season particularly for winter and spring, and the Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer, ideal for the soccer parent constantly on the go. The car organizer is also great for grocery bags or even just organizing around the house.

Make sure your staff stay warm this winter season with these cozy Touch Screen Gloves In Pouch. Your staff members can use their phones and stay warm while they are out and about. Ideal to leave in the car in case of emergencies, your employees can make a call or text without their hands freezing in the cold weather. Another practical idea is our Keep Warm Buddy Set. It comes with a hat, scarf, and gloves neatly tucked in a bag so you can never forget an item.

We also have a variety of different coffee and hot cocoa themed items that make a wonderfully adorable gift set for the fun-loving employee. Let them sip on Individually Sealed Hot Cocoa Bags, which you can brand and customize with your logo or company name. Add as a fun addition to your holiday event, our Custom Single Serve Hot Chocolate K-Cups are the best way to start the party and keep it personalized for your company get together. Lastly, our Hot Chocolate Snowman Kit keeps your employees and their families warm after those snow filled adventures such as building snowman or going sledding.

Don’t let anything get cold this holiday season with our Thermos line. Your employees will love how sleek our Sipp Travel Mug looks. This is one of our in house favorites for its classy design and how our coffee never gets cold. Our Duel Purpose Can Insulator is also great for those in office hot lunches. Don’t let your employees’ lunch get cold with the Can Insulator. Another great idea is our Stainless King Travel Gift Set, which is the best of both worlds. Let your employees travel to work in style with the silver mug and they will keep their lunch hot and stylish with the food jar and spoon.

Let your staff relax on their holiday vacation with our Look Sharp Personal Manicure Kit or they can travel in style with our Luxury Spa and Travel Kit, ideal for the staff member always on the go, traveling for business meetings and tradeshows. Or, just let your employees enjoy relaxation on their vacation with our Sleep Mask Kit with Lavender Spray.

Persnickety Promotions has everything you can offer your staff this holiday season. From health awareness products to apparel, we can customize anything you need with your company brand or logo, or for a little touch of personalization we can embroider staff members’ names on different apparel and bags. For more ideas and items, check out our Pinterest and Instagram, or take a look at our website.