Fight Off the Cold this Season with Some of Our Great Items!

  • Jan 2, 2018

Our Winter Must-Haves!!!

Winter is coming and it’s time to fight back with some of our great promotional items perfect for trade shows, the office, at home, or at school. Don’t go another second without any of these winter items, ideal to fight away the snow.

We have a large variety of different ice scrapers that can easily get you out of any icy situation. Our Suede Ice Scraper Mitt is ideal for keeping your hands warm during those below freezing mornings when you have to go to work, but your car is frozen. Don’t let your hands freeze! Another great idea is our Credit Card Ice Scraper perfect as a winter mail clipper, this item can easily hide in your wallet in case there is an emergency and you can’t get into your car. For a more classic approach, we also have available our Great Lakes Ice Scraper and our Hopkins Super Deluxe Snowbrush to help keep the snow at bay.

More important than ice scrapers is making sure the body stays warm, not only to we have a wide variety of apparel at Persnickety Promotions, we also have a ton of various hats, gloves, and scarfs. We really enjoy the fashionable Borea Knit Hat that goes well with an hipster wardrobe. Or, if you’re looking to stay really warm, the Wool Winter Hat with Lambswool Lining and Ear Flaps is the way to go. Not only that, but out 3 Piece Knit Set can really bring any ensemble together with our touch screen gloves, hat, and scarf so no part of the body will get cold.

Some other great ideas to keep your face, ears, and hands warm this winter are our Fleece Scarf with Pockets, best for those days when your out and about or if your looking to cut down that perfect tree for the holidays. Our Fleece Ear Band is also great at keeping your ears warm, ideal for the woman who loves to keep her hair up in a ponytail. It’s also really comfortable.

Another way to keep your hands way this month is with our Hand Warmers. These Hand Warmers are great for anyone who has to work outside this holiday season. Or, if you want something that will last a little bit longer than one day, our Reusable Magic Hand Warmer Hearts are the way to go.

We adore these Micro Mink Sherpa Blankets. Not only are they chic, they are also super comfortable and warm. They are perfect to curl up next to the fire with, with a hot cup of cocoa in your hand. When you aren’t comfortably inside, these blankets will keep you warm for whatever reason you had to chill outside. Ideal to leave in the car for emergency, a child’s sports game, or if you just happen to get cold easily, you won’t find a more comfortable customized blanket.

What would winter be without sniffling noises? Kick that virus in the butt before it even starts with our Tissue Packets perfect for traveling businesspeople, or in the car for on the go parents, or to give to kids to have in their backpacks for school. Simple, but always practical, these Tissue Packets can get your company name out there with ease.

Lastly, safety is the most important thing in winter. It is ideal to keep in your car or around the workplace emergency kits, such as our Compact Personal First Aid Kit that easily fits into any desk as well as in your car. Not only that but it is important to make sure you are fully prepare for your car to spin out during those icy night drives. In case of emergencies our 28 Piece Roadside Emergency Set is the all in one First Aid and Car kit. Or if you need help jumping your or someone else’s car this winter, our Highway Emergency Set is the best.

Stay warm, healthy and prepared this winter with many of our amazing items. Don’t forget to check out our various sets and kits to leave in the car in of emergency. For more ideas and items, check out our Pinterest and Instagram, or take a look at our website.