portraitPersnickety Promotions has been formally in business since 2007.

Owned by Denise Buzy-Pucheu, and based in Newtown, CT we created branded merchandise in conjunction with the direct needs of our clients.  

We serve a wide number of customers ranging from fortune 500 & 1000 companies to mid size manufacturing businesses, law firms, consumer products companies, non-profits, health care systems and schools and universities. 

Our areas of expertise are: 

1. Consumer driven branded merchandise programs:  We create programs that engage it's target audience in seeing the promotional branding over the course of many physical impressions.  Our firm is very focused on creating useful merchandise where the consumer will keep and impressions of the brand for an extended period of time. 

2.  Trade Show giveaways: Listening to our client, we research and come up with innovative items for tradesheow give aways that will be kept long after the show is over and once again keeps our clients brand impression in eye site of its potential customer. 

3. Sales Incentive Programs or Employ Incentive Programs:  Persnickety Promotions can create a private page of products for a variety of different types of sales incentive or employee programs. 

4.  Fundraising for Non Profit Programs: We create numerous non profit branded programs that allow our clients to create a profit center for their non profit.  Again we have full capability of creating custom stores for this products and they may be attached to your website. 

Feel free to contact us about any of your branded merchandise needs.  We are happy to talk you through the process and provide you the research and quotes to make your upcoming program a success!





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